2 modes of execution 1 Apache module 0 third party dependencies!

Usage: mmc [options] <file>


-n [module name] Specifies the name of the module to be created
-d Do not delete the folder /tmp/mmc_* after compilation
-a [version string] Add the specified version string to the module being compiled
-e [file extension] Compile files ending with the specified extensions in addition to all .moto files in the specified path
-q Execute in quiet mode
-h Display usage
-f Force overwrite of existing module in target path
-i Install compiled module into apache libexec directory (set at configuration time)
-I [path] Install compiled module into specified path
-X [paths] Prepends the specified paths to the list of paths in which to look for moto extensions


Compile a single moto page into an Apache DSO and install it in Apache's libexec directory

mmc -i -n mypage mypage.moto  

Compile a subtree of moto pages into an Apache DSO

cd /usr/local/httpd/htdocs
mmc -i -n webapp ./

Compile a subtree of moto pages into an Apache DSO where you don't have permission to install in the modules directory

cd /usr/local/httpd/htdocs
mmc -d -n webapp ./ cd /tmp/mmc_* cp mod_webapp.so /home/dhakim/mymodules