All things to All people!
Moto was born from a dream and drudgery. Fed up with coding mindless corporate shlock, these intrepid programmers decided to reactivate their brains by creating a new open-source Web-programming language. Project Moto was born in 1999 as an alternative to hackish and slow proprietary Web-programming languages (and other hackish and slow open-source Web-programming languages.) What you see today is the product of a lot of hard work, late nights and dedication (some have even quit their jobs to devote more time to Moto:-) If you'd like to become one of the few, the proud, the unpaid Moto developers, consider announcing your interest on the Moto developer mailing list.

Contributor Primary Role Thanks for ...
David Hakim Author 
Ken Kocienda Co-author  
Cory Wright Most Active Tester, Extension Author, Documentor Spending days on ICQ making tough design decisions. Coming up with the nickname 'motojoe'. Contributing Postgres SQL extensions! And creating a great introduction to moto site!
Shay Harding Extension Author, Core Developer Taking the MySQL and Postgres database drivers to a whole new level, finding and fixing bugs in the codex libraries, contributing an awesome cryptography extension and adding Stack Traces to moto!
Stefano Corsi Language Hacker, Core Developer Adding operator overloading, the comma operator, inline declarations, inline array definitions and support for macro calls that span multiple lines!
Stanislav Karchebny Tester, Developer Contributing bug fixes and API improvements to the Postgres SQL drivers and providing some nice designs for exception handling in moto!
Steve Hugg Tester, Hardware Provider Inspiring me to quit my job and work on an unpaid open source project full time! What was the name of that box again ? Laguardia ? Lamumba ? Lakamakashlaka ?
Michal '' Pena Tester, Developer, Graphic Designer Making numerous improvements to mmc and contributing a really cool set of 'Powered By Moto' buttons!
Maria Godoy Translator, Documentor Adding 'flare' to the Moto documentation website and putting up with Dave.
Alban Minassian Translator, Documentor Putting up a great introduction to moto site en francais!
Ville Laurakiri Mentor Coming up with some exceptionally cool TNFA matching algorithms!
John Gannon Mentor Inspiring me and many others to write our own programming languages ... "Shall we do a parse?"