It slices! It dices! It delivers 5000 tps!
Use Cases

1. Create your own moto pages or download scripts / pages off the internet. Arrange them under your documents directory however you like. Test the site. When you're happy with how it works, type:

%mmc -n sitename path to document directory  

Take the compiled website ( and install it in the libexec directory of your apache installation. Restart apache and now your website is running at native application speeds (faster even than static pages can be served).

2. Create a directory tree of moto pages that make up a server side web application. Test the application in the interpreted environment. After appropriate QA, complile it using mmc

%mmc -n appname path to application directory  

Take the compiled application and distribute it online or burned on a cd without giving away the source code. Users, customers, clients will not even need moto or any other third party 'runtime' environment to run it.

3. Mix and match your own moto pages, compiled web applications, or third party compiled moto apps into a seamlessly integrated website.