The Price is Right!
Curious how Moto works? Click on an example below to get an idea of how to use Moto to solve common Web-programming problems.

Example Description Version*
HOF Examples A large set of examples using Higher Order Functions to sort and do functional substitution. 0.19.0
Cookbook Examples Small examples taken from the Perl Cookbook and re-written in moto using hashes and functional syntax 0.19.0
Mini Moto Forum A tiny forum application written in moto that makes use of regexes, higer order functions, and moto defined classes 0.19.0
Query Debugging Functions A couple of functions to do coldfusion like query debugging 0.10.0
HTML Query Display Macro Display the contents of an arbitrary SQL Query as an HTML Table 0.9.0
Midafternoon Commander Demonstrator app for the PosixFileSystem API that can be used to browse the local file system 0.19.0
Shared Stats A page to show used/free memory and the number of objects allocated in a moto application 0.9.0
File Upload Example A page to test file upload APIs 0.9.0
Browser Cookie Example A page that gets and sets the values of browser cookies 0.9.0
Paginator A class for printing simple a paginator control 0.17.0
SQL-In-Clause A class generating an addition to a SQL WHERE clause that uses ORs for databases that don't support IN 0.17.0
Table Header A function for generating the HTML code necessary to output a list of sortable table headers 0.17.0
Stringset Operations A bunch of utility functions for serializing / deserializing stringsets to/from other useful forms 0.17.0
Tabular Data Sort A couple functions for sorting an array of TabularData row ids by the values of specified columns 0.17.0

* Minimum Moto Version Required