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Sites Using Moto
The sites below are already powered by Moto. To submit a site, send an email to dhakim@projectmoto.org. Be sure to include your site's address and a brief description.

Site Description
Iolio A site where people can go to track the value of their card collections just like stock market portfolios. Just enter part or all of your collection and you'll get back its current value! Your collection info is stored in the server so you can track it's value over time. You will also be able to buy sell or trade with other members.
Self-Test.net A site where you can go to take self-directed medical school assessments
Stand Blue Technology Offering web and email hosting from Richmond, Virginia. Stand Blue has written a small "Installing Moto" page, as well as contributing the Motodo application.
Markive A mailing list archiver written entirely in Moto. An archive of the Moto mailing list is currently available.